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Local Search Engine Optimization is the key factor when you are targeting the local audience. Local SEO is for those who have a local business, like a shop or have people visiting their office frequently, local SEO would help the local audience in finding their business shop or office.
In general SEO, you optimize your post through different on-page and off-page optimization techniques but, in local SEO, you need to optimize your city name, address, type of business etc so that people become aware of your business/office when they find you.
According to Google, around 73 percent of online activity is related to local searches. This fact is enough for you to understand how much Local SEO is important.
Below mentioned three factors are crucial for Local Search Engine Optimization:


Location-based optimization is also known as geo-targeting. Before going with location-based optimization, you need to have proper details regarding your city name, postal code, address, your business etc.
Location-based Optimization not limited to the people of your region/city, but it can bring you a customer from another region/city. How? Suppose, a person visits particular city/region and searches for Restaurants there he'll see lists of restaurants near him. This is why location-based optimization is important.
For example, when you search for Digital Marketing Agency, Google will display digital marketing agencies that are near to your current location.


Local Search Engine Optimization would be effective only when you properly set up your Google My Business Account. So, what are things you can do in Google Business Account Setup?
It allows you to upload your business location, your website URL address, contact information, and hours of operation. You can also upload some professional photos of your location, which can attract more customers.
You might be doing location optimization perfectly but what if your business account is not set/ not up-to-date. Your audience might see you at the top but rarely choose your business because of incomplete business details.


Local Search Engine Optimization is effective only when you have completed your location optimization perfectly. Because the thing important for you is to show up your local business/office above your competitors.
If you do not optimize your business location perfectly, there are chances of not showing up your business when targeted audience searches through your search terms or keywords.
Setting-up your Business Account is sufficient to rank your local shop/business. It requires the perfect location optimization in local SEO. You also need to optimize your business website according to local search engine optimization.

Conclusion - Local SEO

Local SEO plays a significant role, no matter your local business is on a small scale or large scale basis.
It depends upon you how effectively you are focusing on your local SEO. And considering the above-mentioned factors is the must for your local SEO.
Thus, Local SEO is one of the crucial factors when you want to promote your local business effectively.

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